A great ecological hipster-cafe in the Norrebro-area of Copenhagen

Last sunday I had a lazy breakfast/brunch with one of my good friends. Something I haven´t done in quit a while, although I LOVE it.
On instagram (follow me as foodMAD) I had seen a breakfast picture from this Nordisk Brødhus (The Nordic Breadhouse - directly translated), and it seemed intimate, and down to earth... The perfect place to wind down after a hectic work-week... I convinced my friend, that THIS was the place to try this time!

The place is located in the hipster-area of Copenhagen, where small, and at times odd shops of all sorts, thrive. The cafe itself bakes all of its bread in a large stoneoven situated in the middle of the cafe, and the delicious smell of fresh bread encloses most of the street. Everything is ecological, and the taste, amazing!

The cafe itself is rather chabby, like and unfinished bakery, but that is definitly part of the charme. Get yourself a table at the window, and order the breakfast, that comes with a coffee of your choice, and have a look at the various people the passes by.

The breakfast is composed of a big basket of freshly made bread, some good cheeese, good quality ham, some rose hip marmelade, a soft boiled egg, lots of butter and a glass of apple juice (besides the coffe). Furthermore there was a delicious piece of spicy carrotcake to finsih the meal of with. We ordered a cup of green the as well and paid in total for the entire thing, 120 dkk (a really decent price in Copenhagen).

Áfter the meal, you could stop by the cosy (yes, cosy) graveyard, behind the cafe, and look up the grave of the famous danish writer Hans Christian Andersen or perhaps Søren Kierkegaard. A lot of famous danes are buried here.

If you want to visit the cafe, you will find it at this adress:
Nordisk Brødhus
Rantzausgade 58 B
2200 København N, Copenhagen


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