Fresh vietnamese spring rolls with duck and mango

Once in a while I have a terrible craving for these fresh spring rolls. I think it is almost always after a period with a little to much junk, because these rolls are really fresh and feels healthy. The dip for this recipe should be made some time in advance, such that it is allowed to cool and get thicker.

Approx. 4 persons

1 can ofcoconut milk (250 ml)
2 limes
Fish sauce
2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp peanutbutter (smooth or crunchy as you prefer)

Heat the coconutmilk in a pot. Add the peanutbutter and the juice of the two limes. Add to taste with sugar and fish sauce. Remove from stove, and allow to cool. When roomtemperature put in the fridge until you need it. Will be able to hold 2-3 days in there.

Fresh vietnamese spring rolls - foodMAD-style

Rice paper
Coriander leaves
Duck breast
Star anise

Score the skin on the duck breast and grate some star  anis on top of it. Top with salt and fry on a hot pan to brown the skin. Turn the breast when it needs about 2 min more and turn of the heat, such that the meat is fried on the afterheat. Let the duck breast rest while you do the vegetables.
Wash the salad. Peel the mango, and cut in slices. Wash the coriander leaves. Now slice the duck meat. Soak the rice paper (not to much, just such that you can bend it without breaking it). Put a little of everything on the ricepaper and roll. Dip in the dip, and EAT!


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