Hot chocolate with chilli and whipped vanilla cream

This is an english translation of an older post on my danish foodMAD blog, so yesterday was NOT the big christmas baking day in the familiy :-)
Enjoy anyway!

Yesterday was our big Christmas cookie baking day, and upon such an effort it is nice to relax with a cup of hot chocolate. Luckily I had a chocolate stick from Danish chocolatier Peter Beier lying around in the house, and I decided to combine it with chilli and vanilla.

Hot chocolate with chilli and whipped vanilla cream

Chopped dark chocolate
Vanilla pod

Split the vanilla pod and scrap out the vanilla grains. Whip the cream and add the grains. Spilt the chilli and take out the white part. Add half a chilli to a pot containing the milk. Heat the milk slowly while stirring. Add the chopped dark chocolate to a mug and pour the hot milk on top. Stir. Garnish with the other half of the chilli and the whipped vanilla cream. DRINK!


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