I have some fantastic neighbors, and they have this habit of swinging by with their arms filled with gorgeous vegetables from their garden. And I LOVE it! Zucchini is in season here in Denmark right know, and therefore these two puppies showed up at my doorstep, ready to be used.

In the past, I´ve had a hard time using this vegetable in a tastewise satisfactory way, although I have baked my share of zucchini cakes, and grated my share of zucchini into lasagnas in order to have my daughter eating more vegetables. But I have never really used it in its own right... before now.
Here I use it in a food bread together with cheese.... Mmmh... Yummy!


Zucchini bread with cheese

2 pieces


1 1/2 dl (or 0.63 cups) of lukewarm water
Approx. 700 g (5.5 cups) of flour(the amount of flour depends on the amount of zucchini and the type of flour used, so add as much as needed...)
6 g sea salt
25 g yeast
180 g Cheese (emmenthaler, goats cheese or something else...=
1 medium zucchini, grated
A little olive oil


Grate the zucchini, and press of as much liquid as possible. Cut the cheese in cubes and add to the grated zucchini. In another bowl, dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water. Add to the zucchini mix, along with sea salt and flour. Add flour until you are able to work the dough into a smooth piece of dough, that is not to sticky on your fingers. Make into two breads, and allow to rise on a lined bakingtray for approx. 45 min.

Turn on the own on 200 degrees Celsius (approx. 400 degrees Fahrenheit). Use a fork to make small holes in the bread, and pour over a little olive oil, and sprinkle some sea salt on top. Bake for about 30 min or until golden brown. Chill on a grid.

I will eat this little piece of heaven to a spicy onionsoup tonight... Lovely!