Spicy chickpeas (Kadala)

This snack is one of my earliest memory from Sri Lanka. The constant honking on the horns, the stench of gasoline and petrol fume, the heat and the spicy taste of these chickpeas. When I was younger and traveled with my parents in Sri Lanka, we often bought snacks and cut out pineapple at the road side stands. These chickpeas was my favorite even then. There name is "Kadala" in Sri Lanka. Sometimes they would be hard as stone, other times soft and spicy (as these). I never figured out, if they were different variants of the same snack.
They are super easy to make, and a lot healthier than most other snacks.

Spicy chickpeas (Kadala)

Sea salt

Boil the chickpeas according to instructions on the package. Heat a pan on medium to high heat, and dry fry the chickpeas a minute to allow some of the moisture to evaporate. Add chili and salt to taste and fry for a couple of more minutes, continually shaking the pan to coat the chickpeas in the spices.


Recommendation - Library Bar in Copenhagen

Library Bar in Copenhagen is one of the small oases in the city, where you can be sure to relax, and pull out the plug, all while drinking a chilled cocktail, a cognac or a hot irish coffee (in the winter).
It is located just next the Copenhagne Central Station, inside Hotel Plaza, which is very convenient if you have had one to many of the cocktails!
The atmosphere is casual chic, with lots of dark wood, cognac colored leather furniture and books along the wall. (Add the shoulderpaddings and the pinstriped suits and we would be back in "Dollars"). There are no windows in the bar which contributes to the very intimate atmosphere (and will easy make you forget all about time and space.)
This friday I meet with a long time not seen friend to catch up, and get a drink. I got the Plaza champagne cocktail, with dark rum, champagne and ginger ale - very refreshing! He had a beer.

If you wanna visit Library Bar, you can do so on this adress:

Plaza Library Bar
Bernstorffsgade 4
1577 København V.

You can also see the review of the place on My-Pleasures right here (it is in danish, but the pictures are way better than mine!)